Information for mission agencies, churches, and organizations that are sending someone to Link Care

Please communicate to the missionary, pastor or the Christian worker you are sending to Link Care the referral information your provide Link Care. Information shared with Link Care and not disclosed to the client can create ethical problems which can impact treatment. If you have information which you feel may cause harm to the missionary if shared
directly with them (e.g. suspected abuse, suicidality, infidelity), we would ask that we have a phone conversation to address how to manage this information.

Please send Link Care a letter of introduction of the person or persons you are referring to Link Care. A copy of this letter must be sent to the person. Please write about:

  1. How God has used this person in ministry
  2. Issues that need to be addressed while at Link Care
  3. Your organization’s goals and objectives for the person’s time at Link Care
  4. Potential safety concerns
  5. With healing and renewal, will this person be welcomed back into your ministry?

Reports to sending churches, missions and organizations:
When requested, Link Care will send a summary report at the conclusion of a person’s time with us. At any time, though, a client can legally withdraw consent to release the final report. If interim reports are useful to you, with the client’s permission, we will provide what we can. We have found that overly frequent reporting can be counter-productive as the individual begins to deal with issues and healing begins.

To begin the process of sending someone to Link Care, please {{emailinfo}}.