Participating in the Great Commision by strengthening, equipping and counseling those who send and those who go.

God has given Link Care a passion for helping missions and missionaries be all that God created them to be and fulfill the great task of reaching our world for Jesus. The Link Care staff is able to partner with church denominations, mission organizations and missionaries.


The Link Care staffhas  many years of experience working with missionaries, and can offer insights into mission and personnel issues. Should you wish to discuss an issue with one of our counselors or consulting staff, please give us a call.

Restoration and Personal Growth

Missionaries often encounter difficulties while in ministry. They come to Link Care for a renewed perspective on life and ministry and to receive help with stress, burnout, marital issues, cross-cultural adjustments, career evaluations, morality issues, children’s adjustment, and grief and loss challenges. After seeking and finding help at Link Care, approximately two-thirds of those who have been in the Restoration and Personal Growth program have returned to their ministries.

Included in this program are clinical and pastoral counseling, weekly group sessions, a few hours of work responsibilities, and the supportive fellowship of other missionaries and ministers on campus. The program is designed for a person’s specific needs, and averages from one to two months, depending on the seriousness of the issues. Counseling is offered in the individual, marital and family context.

A rich ingredient of this program is the Pastoral Care component which provides guidance and assistance for devotional life, relationship with God, boundaries, spiritual warfare, interpersonal relationships, as well as shame and grace. The goal is to help the missionary be more effective in life and ministry.


Missionaries deal with many transitional stages when they return to their home country.  Link Care offers a week-long re-entry focus, working individually with the missionary family or single, guided by members of our pastoral and clinical staff.  The participants will have opportunity for fellowship and interaction with other missionaries on campus, while addressing individual and family concerns related to returning to the homeland.  Topics will include leaving, grieving, transitions, adaptations, closure and action plans to help them discover tools to re-enter their homeland.

Building Skills for Member Care Seminar

In January of each year, Link Care offers a Monday-to-Friday seminar, “Building Skills for Member Care with Excellence.”  The topics focus on sharpening “tools” for member care providers in many areas of the world.  Location:  Hume Lake Christian Camps, 65 miles east of Fresno.  Email Ken Royer for information or an application.