Radio Programs for areas around the world hit hard by disaster

TWR LogoWhenever and wherever a disaster strikes, radio programs are needed in both audio and written form that follow thematic units similar to the Red Cross four-phase model of disaster recovery:

  1. seeking safety and stability,
  2. finding balance in daily living,
  3. discovering hope for the future, and
  4. recapturing joy in life.

These programs are needed in multiple languages to be ready for deployment. TWR has a 10-year history of providing encouragement in difficult places through its ministry called Member Care Media. TWR partnered with Link Care Center after the 2004 tsunami in Asia and 2005 Hurricane Katrina to provide minute-long radio spots on recovery topics. This material also went on the air from several outlets after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. TWR is now continuing this partnership with Link Care Center by expanding to daily 15-minute disaster relief programs. The goal is to translate these English programs into Spanish, French, Russian, Arabic, Chinese and more as funding allows.