Restoration & Personal Growth Program

Counseling for Christian Workers

The Restoration and Personal Growth Program addresses the unique needs of missionaries, pastors and Christian workers who have encountered difficulties in their fields of service. Our goal is to help Christian workers increase effectiveness in their personal lives and ministries through restoration and personal growth. Lasting renewal and restored confidence come only when the Spirit of God motivates and empowers His servants in all that they do. Link Care’s team of Psychologists, Marriage and Family Therapists, and Pastoral Counselors partner together to give professional counsel and guidance for the whole person: body, soul, and spirit.

Our on-campus apartments provide housing for people in the Restoration and Personal Growth Program. The length of stay varies, depending on the presenting problems and available resources. We encourage a one-month, open-ended stay that would enable additional assistance, if needed. The average stay is six weeks.

Providing Professional Care

Diagnostic Assessment: Upon arrival at Link Care, the client completes two assessments: psychological and spiritual. The psychological assessment looks at psychological functioning and behaviors which are likely sources of difficulties. The results from these assessments, coupled with information from the referring organization, are used to help form a treatment plan and guide the therapists and clients.

Individual & Marital Therapy: The therapist assigned to a client will conduct three to five sessions per week to explore problem issues. There may be multiple therapists assigned to work with different family members.

Pastoral Care: Each person or couple will meet with a Pastoral Counselor one to two times weekly to help explore areas of spiritual formation and growth including identity in Christ issues, view of God and His view of them, and spiritual conflict in the midst of ministry. The goal is to help clients increase their intimacy with Jesus Christ and experience His grace and power in their life and ministry.

Providing a Restorative Community

Men’s Group & Women’s Group: Led by a therapist, these weekly group sessions explore areas of growth to gain perspective and insight from others participating in the program.

Community Group: This weekly, educational, adult gathering covers many topics, including their cross-cultural applications—boundaries in ministry and personal life, overcoming shame, experiencing God’s grace, and growing in relationship with Christ.

Family Potluck: A potluck is held once a week for all adults and children on campus.

Teens: Link Care does not typically have  a sufficient number of teens on campus to provide structured activities for them.  We therefore encourage parents to involve their teens in local youth groups which exist near our facility. If your teen has a particular need, you are encouraged to speak to your case manager. As resources and teen population on our campus permit, we will strive to meet your teen’s needs.

Kids Club: This is recreational and designed help children grow in their faith while giving specialized attention to children’s play needs, apart from individual therapy children may receive. Children from 3-12 are welcome to attend the Kids Club that meets two times per week.

Providing Balance

Exercise and Service: Physical activity is a key component to healing and wholeness. Clients may work out at a nearby health club. A swimming pool, a basketball and volleyball area are on campus. Each client is encouraged to volunteer four hours a week performing various tasks on the Link Care campus.

Library: Books recommended by our counselors may be checked out from our campus library.


Three-bedroom apartments are located on campus. Linens and cooking equipment are furnished. Each family purchases and prepares their food. Please, no pets.

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Master Bedroom Bedroom Dining Room Living Room The Pool

Program Cost

The cost of the Restoration & Personal Growth Program varies widely, depending on the number of family members receiving services and the length of time spent at Link Care. A detailed estimate of the first month’s costs will be given to clients prior to their arrival at Link Care.

Inquiring: Individuals may contact Link Care directly by calling 559-439-5920, and indicate that you would like to inquire about the Restoration and Personal Growth Program.  Or, email questions to: